PAYE Markets Has a Platform That Fits Your Style

Whether you're a trader or just getting started, whether you prefer to work from an office or you're travelling, PAYE Markets has a platform that fits the way you work and the device you prefer.

PAYE Markets Pro

PAYE Markets Pro has all the functionality you'll ever need, and you can easily customize the interface to be as simple as you like.

PAYE Markets

Our browser-based preferred network platform. This platform is rich in features, PAYE Markets is the perfect solution if you prefer easy-to-learn interface.

Account Management

All PAYE Markets Trade customers have access to their own online Account Management console which makes it easy to manage all aspects of their account.

Trade From Your Mobile Phone

PAYE Markets Mobile Trader lets you enter and manage orders, view executions, monitor your portfolio and account balances, and much more on the go.

Trade From Your Tablet

Many of our mobile users prefer the bigger screen that a tablet provides. If you're one of them, PAYE Markets Tablet has you covered.