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Online Web Trading Station

PAYE Markets offers a web version platform that you can access from any computer or laptop without any needed software. A lite, on-the-go version of our main trading station. No other broker offers this.

Traders Station

PAYE Markets sets itself above the competition through our advanced Traders Station and mobile app. Software is required to install the full version of our trading station. The full version offers many advanced tools, chart viewings, screeners, and live news feeds to all customers.

Mobile Apps

"The most user friendly brokerage service for all, from the most experienced traders to beginners dipping their toes into investment waters. PAYE Markets, Inc. is designed for the handheld mobile world. Our customers will be relieved using our simple and stylish free trading app."


PAYE Markets will serve its clients with educational material on Portfolio Management, Retirement Plans, Banking Services, Realestate Investing, Hedge Funding, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and more!


PAYE Markets will offer educational material to all customers, helping them succeed independently. PAYE Markets will help educate its customers from basic to advanced strategies. Our goal is to help our clients succeed in the market without the need of hiring a broker.