Frequently Asked Questions

PAYE Markets is an innovative trading company that will transform Wall Street by offering monthly membership packages in place of charging commission fees each time a trade is placed. We will utilize a penetrative pricing technique that will benefit both the customer and PAYE Markets, allowing customers unlimited trades at low rates. Currently, when a consumer trades stock with a company they either pay a fixed rate per trade or have to pay a percentage of their trade, which eats away at their revenue. With PAYE Markets we want to help you maximize revenue and give you the ability to educate yourself! This makes us one of the most unique companies in the industry. No other broker out there offers this!
PAYE Markets Inc. mission is to develop a business that provides outstanding execution for trades on multiple platforms while concurrently providing insightful financial advice to its clients throughout the New York metropolitan area, and the rest of the United States. PAYE Markets will ensure it lives out its motto of "Bringing Wall Street to you" to the fullest potential possible.